Wilton Hunt Events

There is never a month in the calender when there is not something going on in the hunt.


As always we are constantly thinking of novel ways to create income for the Hunt.  But is is not just about fund raising - we are very strong socially and enjoy a good get together, competition and having fun -  either on two legs or four (and occasionally none at all!!)


Sunday, October 8th Hedge Hopping, Sutton Farm,   Edmondsham  Dorset  
Saturday, October 15th Hunter Trials, Tenantry
Saturday, October 28th Opening Meet, Contact Hon Sec
Saturday, November 11th Auction of Promises, Salisbury Racecourse
Saturday, December 16th Foxy Frolics Christmas Party, Bibury Suite

We do not publish meet details anywhere online.

Hunt Club Members, subscribers, landowners, farm managers and shoot captains recieve the Meet Card by post together with regular newsletters and invitations to Hunt events.


If you would like to come hunting or  to discuss anything about hunting with The Wilton please contact our Hon Secretary, Wendy Coombes by clicking here.


If you would like to join the Hunt Club and receive our meet card and stay in touch with what is going on in the Hunt please click here for full details and how to join.


Please refrain from posting on social media anything that can identify the location of meets