The Wilton Country

Looking north over the Cranborne Chase from Pentridge

The Wilton country, comprising parts of Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset lies between Salisbury plain and the New Forest. For the most part it is cold scenting, arable, chalk downland. The steep valleys that are etched into the escarpments also make for excellent game bird drives. 


Though there are few natural obstacles, the country is well serviced with hunt jumps. The going is good and the field rarely have to use or even cross a tarred road. The southern part is very similar to the New Forest with gravel and clay predominating. This area is heavily wooded, and scenting conditions tend to be better.

Followers can enjoy fabulous jumping out with the Wilton.  Our masters work hard maintaining solid, safe and straightforward hunt fences consisting predominatly of tiger traps and post and rails.  None exceed 3ft and there is always an alternative route if in doubt.


There is always a non-jumping group out on any day and we never push riders out of their comfort zone.


The Wilton Hunt Country - hand drawn by Barbara Rosevear (copies are available to purchase)