The Wilton Hunt Kennels

Puppy Show

Since 1903, the Wilton Hunt Kennels have been situated on the Wilton Estate, home of The Earl of Pembroke, at Netherhampton, near Salisbury.

There is a large grass yard, and several lodges accommodating 40 couple of hounds. The hounds are marked W and have a number in the left ear.

There is a fleshhouse and coldroom for the meat (fallen livestock), on which the hounds are fed. 

It is one of the jobs of the hunt staff to collect carcasses and skin them, thus preparing them to be fed.


The hunt horses are also kept here in a stable yard comprising ten stables, a feed room and barn.


There is a house for the kennel huntsman, and further accommodation for the whipper-in and the groom.


The most important fixture of the year is the puppy show, normally held in June or July, and the kennels are spruced up to look their absolute best.

Various other events take place at the kennels, for example a summer barbecue and a terrier and lurcher show.

The hunt staff are pleased to welcome subscribers and supporters at the kennels.


Contact the kennels and hunt staff



James Marshall

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Kennels phone: 01722 679 014 



Will Hudson

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