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TERRIERS –Ring 1 – Judging starts 12 noon

            Class 1 – Jack Russell type Puppy 6-12mths

            Class 2 – Lakeland/Fell type Puppy 6-12mths

            Class 3 – Border type puppy 6-12mths

CHAMPION PUPPY – winners of classes 1,2 & 3


Class 4*-  JR type smooth coated Dog
Class 5*-  JR type rough coated Dog

Class 6*-  JR type  smooth coated Bitch

Class 7*-  JR type rough coated Bitch

Winners of class  4,5,6 & 7


Border/Lakeland/Fell Type

Class 8*- Border type Dog

Class 9*- Border type Bitch
Class 10*- Lakeland/ Fell type Dog
Class 11*- Lakeland/ Fell type Bitch


Winners of classes 8,9,10 & 11


SUPREME SHOW CHAMPION – open to Champion & reserve in JR and Border/Lakeland /Fell Championship


Class 12 – Best working Terrier dog or Bitch
Class 13 – Best  Young Handler (under 14yrs)

Class 14 – Best Variety Terrier under 12” Dog or Bitch

Class 15 – Best Terrier owned by a Wilton Hunt Club Member
Class 16 – Best matching couple of Terriers

Class 17 – Best Veteran Terrier over 9 yrs


* open to terriers over 12 months



LURCHERS Ring 2 Judging starts 12 noon
Class 18 – Puppies 6-12 months any variety running dog

Class 19* - Under 23” Smooth Dog
Class 20* - Under 23” Smooth Bitch
Class 21* - Under 23” Rough Dog
Class 22* - Under 23” Rough Bitch
Class 23* - Over 23”  Smooth  Dog
Class 24* - Over 23” Smooth Bitch
Class 25* - Over 23* Rough Dog

Class 26* - Over 23” Rough Bitch

CHAMPION LURCHER – Winners of Classes 19 – 26

*Open to Lurchers over 12 mths

             Class 27 – Young Handler (under 14 yrs)
             Class 28 – Pair, Brace or Couple, any variety of running dog

Class 29 – Veteran 7 yrs & over, any variety of running dog

Class30 - Any variety of Sight Hound, Whippet, Saluki etc ( no lurchers)

FAMILY/  NOVELTY DOG Ring 3 Judging starts at 12 noon
(any breed of dog, pedigree crossbred or otherwise)

Class 31 –Best  Condition dog or bitch

Class 32- Best Child Handler (under 14 yrs)
Class 33- Best Adult Handler

Class 34 – Most Obedient dog or bitch

Class 35 – Best Rescued dog or bitch ( dogs home, RSPCA etc)
Class 36 – Dog with the most appealing eyes
Class 37- Handsomest Dog
Class 38 - Prettiest Bitch

Class 39 – Best Veteran over 8 yrs
Class 40 – Dog with the Waggiest tail

Class 41 – Dog that does the best trick

Class 42 – Dog that the Judge would like to take home

FUN DOG AGILITY – Ring 4 – Starts at 12 noon.

Over obstacle course, fastest clear round wins, as many goes as you like.

Dog Show Schedule Download
Entries on the day
TERRIERS lurcher Family dog 17 (002).pdf
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No claims can be entered into for any accident and or loss which may occur to competitors, onlookers, their property, servants or animals in connection with or arising from this show

It shall be a condition of entry that each entrant shall agree to indemnify the organizer and committee against any legal action arising out of such accident or loss

The judge’s decision is final

Vehicles are to be parked at owners own risk

The organizers have the right to refuse, entries, divide or amalgamate classes.

Any objection should be submitted in writing within 15 minutes of the incident, to the secretary with a £10.00 deposit, refundable if the objection is upheld.

The organizers reserve the right to ask competitors to leave the show ground if they see fit.

There will be no refund of entries if competitors choose to enter classes that may clash or run late.

Owners are advised to have their dogs inoculated against parvovirus and other canine diseases.

If any dog is deemed unwell an/or have a contagious illness the organizers have the right to ask for the dog to be removed from the show ground immediately

Organized by the Wilton Hunt Kennels

Contact numbers

Terriers & Lurchers  07811 465799  

 Family dog & Agility   07870 818439