The Wilton Fallen Stock Service
Unfortunately as our pets have a shorter life spans than ourselves, we periodically experience them either dying naturally or we have to make the hard decision to have them put down if they are suffering.

The Wilton has offered a service for dealing with fallen stock for many years.  The team at the kennels have over 20 years’ experience in this field.  They are only a phone call away to help you on these sad occasions.

They will deal with your horses and ponies (and dogs) sympathetically, always respecting your own individual situations. In addition we are able to return ashes in a tasteful casket complete with a brass plate and a certificate of authenticity.

To meet DEFRA and Environment Agency regulations the Wilton have recently invested some £50,000 in new facilities at the kennels to enable us to continue our long standing traditional service to equine owners as well as the farming community.

As a not-for-profit organisation any financial surplus we make goes towards caring for our hounds and horses. 

James: 07811 465 799
Kennels: 01722 786 425


James Marshall with our new Fallen Stock Wagon that meets all the DEFRA regulations.

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