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Hound Sponsorship raises funds to help towards the costs of caring for our hounds

Hound Sponsorship 2020/21


The Wilton Hunt has a wonderful pack of Hounds, which are kennelled, behind Wilton House at our Wilton Hunt kennels. They are looked after all year our huntsman, Will Hudson as well as James Marshal, our very experienced Kennel Huntsman.  Supported by a good team of excellent helpers on hunting days and in the week.


The hunt staff ensure the hounds are well fed, they are micro chipped and vaccinated and the staff are trained to meet their day to day needs. Each hound has its own personality and character and Freddie considers this when choosing which hounds to bring to which meet.


Each season for £20 per hound you can choose a hound to follow all season and this raises funds to help towards the costs of caring for our hounds.  Each sponsor has a colour photo (with the breeding) of your hound. The hound is yours to take an interest in, for the coming season. It can be quite a challenge to recognise your hound when in the pack with all the others! 


This season we have been able to raise enough money to build a separate kennel area for the puppies.


The hounds are available from May 1st and this season every hound has been sponsored which is a wonderful tribute to our superb pack. Thank you to all our supporters who have sponsored a hound and if you would like to have the same hound next season please let Jan Vivian know.


There is a fabulous silver cup for the supporter who takes a keen interest in their hound through the season and this will be presented at the Puppy Show in the summer. 

We also award a rosette at the first Saturday meet of each month (from October) for the best dog, best bitch, best new entry hound and for the most improved hound.


Our hounds have an amazing history which is recorded in our Hunt Stud Book.  Every year we have a litter of puppies from 2 or 3 of our best bitches and often using one of our Stallion Dogs. At about 10 weeks old hound puppies will go out to supporters, (speak to Will Hudson or James Marshall if you would like to walk puppies) to spend the summer in a family where they learn all about life before returning to kennels. They are at least a year old when they start coming out hunting. 


Hounds are counted in couples and at kennels there are up to 45 couple of hounds. On a hunting day about half will be out. The others may be puppies being walked, bitches in season and hounds that are resting or recovering from an injury.


To follow the progress of hounds the hunt staff are very happy to chat about each of the hounds. They are not all out at each meet as you will appreciate they need a rest after a long day, they could be recovering from a knock or sprain or in season and you are very welcome to arrange with the hunt staff to call in at kennels.
I look forward to seeing you at the Wilton Hunt Events.

Jan Vivian,   01202 532954







Season 2017-2018

March 2018

Best dog - Daystar sponsored Joy Mayes

Best bitch - Apron sponsored by Angie Cox

Most improved - Belfast sponsored by Sally Ayers

Most improved puppy -  Griddle sponsored by Moni Williams


February 2018

Best dog - Prescombe sponsored by Jackie Beatham

Best bitch - Goldfinch spondored by Dave Churchill

Best puppy - Grafton sponsored by Matt Staires


January 2018
Best Dog - Lancaster sponsored by Richard James
Best Bitch - Prosper sponsored by Jenny Bouskell
Most Improved Hound - Fantail sponsored by  Karen Dean
Oldest Working Bitch- Daring sponsored by Tilly Shepherd
Most Improved Puppy- Greenwhich sponsored by Livi Eyers


December 2018
Best Dog- Ranger sponsored by  Chris King 
Best Bitch- Raven sponsored by Chris King
Most Improved hound - Amber sponsored by  Elijah Staires
Best Puppy Greedy sponsored by  Barbara Roseveare


November 2017

Best Dog -  Adhock           sponsored by Flynn Staires

Best Bitch  - Holloa           sponsored by Saskia Combes

Best New Entry - Daydream sponsored by Jayne Thorne

Most Improved - Grundy    sponsored by Barbara Rosevere


October 2017
Best Dog- Devon              sponsored by Lucinda Lang
Best Bitch- Honey             sponsored by David and Yvonne Plumpton
Best New Entry- Denmark sponsored by Margaret Keevil
Most Improved- Arundel   sponsored by Lyn Picton


September 2017
Best Dog- Ambush            sponsored by Bridget Hill
Best Bitch- Pricket             sponsored by Cordelia Bastion
Best New Entry- Dazzle    sponsored by Claire Watson
Most Improved- Bellman   sponsored by Sally Eyers


Rosettes for 2016/17

Best Dog - Hostage            sponsored by Barbara Roseveare
Best Bitch - Honest             sponsored by John Ware
Most Improved - Pricket      sponsored by Cordelia Bastion
Best New Entry - Belfast     sponsored by Tim Keevil



Best Dog - Genghis           sponsored by John Ware
Best Bitch - Gentle            sponsored by Margaret Keevil
Most Improved- Dreamy    sponsored by Anna Watson
Most Potential- Raven       sponsored by Meg Lockyer


January 2017
Best Dog - Devon               sponsored by Bob Baker
Best Bitch - Rattle               sponsored by Min and Fran Lockyer
Best New Entry- Fathom     sponsored by David Plumpton
Most Improved- Promise     sponsored by Chris Payne


Best Dog - Granite               sponsored by Rosanna Gurowska
Best Bitch - Honey               sponsored by David Plumpton
Best New Entry - Bellman    sponsored by Tim Keevil
Most improved - Dennis       sponsored by Trudy Austrang



Best Dog - Prescombe        Sponsored by Lyn Picton
Best Bitch – Accent             Sponsored by Heather Royle
Most Improved – Bellman    Sponsored by Sally Eyers
Best New Entry – Fantail     Sponsored by Oscar Eyers


October 2016

Best Dog – Gengis               Sponsored by John Ware
Best Bitch – Hopeful            Sponsored by Suzie Grant
Most Improved – Fagan       Sponsored by Ginnie Robson
Best New Entry – Berkley    Sponsored by Vivian Ayers


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Hound Sponsorship - Rosette winners 2015/16 Season
HS - Rosettes for 2015-6.pdf
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