If this is the first time for you, please get in touch with Wendy Combes, our Hon secretary, since we offer special arrangements for newcomers.


If not - welcome back! Please see below for the forthcoming Season's rates.


2018-2019 Season

If you are thinking about become a full subscriber - please read on...

A subscription is incredible value. It includes all autumn hunting if paid by the 1st September, and can be covered by between 5 (child) and 13 days (full) if comparing to the cap rate.

The Campaign for Hunting money will now be included within the subs/caps, so you won’t have to fumble in your pocket for your £2 on a hunting morning. 

It can be hard to come up with a large lump of money in one go, so paying a full sub by Standing Order is a great alternative and also entitles you to the pre September rate. You can download our standing order mandate further down the page.

Wendy Combes
Hon. Secretary

NB All ages to be as of September 1st.


All children under 14 years must be accompanied by a mounted adult.


Newcomers – We are pleased to offer special arrangements to newcomers. Please contact the Hon. Secretary to discuss.

Pay by standing order - its simpler!

Its is much simpler for all if subscribers can pay by Standing Order. Please download this Standing Order Mandate and send to your bank. Please approve any payment plan with the Hon Sec before sending to the bank. Many thanks.
Adobe Acrobat document [338.0 KB]

All those who enjoy our sport are expected to be members of the Wilton Hunt Club and the Countryside Alliance.


All Subs are due before the Opening Meet and can be sent to the Hon Sec or paid quarterly or monthly. The Hunt's financial year starts on 1st May each year and subscriptions made as close to that day as possible are greatly appreciated.


As with any organisation the Wilton Hunt has a management structure to ensure the smooth running of its operation. It should be noted that save from the Kennel staff no officer/officials of the Hunt receive any remuneration for their services. Their time is given freely for the good of the hunt and its community. With this in mind please help our Hon Secretary by seeking her out at the meet with your correct Sub/Cap.


Please do not challenge the income of the Wilton Hunt with an inadequate "donation".


For all enquiries/payments please contact our Hon Secretary:
Mrs Wendy Combes,

Tel 01722 744 288