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Wilton Hunt Hunter Trials 2021 Results


Class 1 – Pairs 70cm

1st  Holly Walton & Harriet Richards Freeman

2nd  Alice & Frances Elgar

3rd   Adele Cable & Lola Lagoda

4th  Emma Clark & Steffi Kay

5th  Team Foster

6th  Holly De La Kaye & lola Mooney


Class 2 – Restricted Novice 70cm

1st  Emma Campbell-Hill

2nd  Brenda Henney

3rd  Holly Walton

4th  Beatrice Stone

5th  Holly De La Haye

6th  Arthur Webb


Class 3 – Pairs 80 cm

1st Alice & Frances Elgar

2nd Leandra Colloff & Sophie Blunt

3rd Claire West & Sarah Weston

4th Team Grant

5th Flora & Isabel Sutherland

6th Liz Ampairee & Gail Stevens


Class 4 - Open 80cm  

1st Isabel Sutherland

2nd Sophie Albery

3rd William Grant

4th Leandra Colloff

5th William Grant

6th Kaitlin Lawrence


Class 5 – Pairs 90cm   

1st Team Grant                                              


Class 6 – Open 90  

1st William Grant

2nd Elliot Upson

3rd Megan Churchill

4th Amanda Reid

5th Alice Whiting


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