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Wilton Hunt Club Hunter Trials Kindly sponsored

by Clements and Co

Chartered Surveyors Salisbury


First and Last fences

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By kind permission of R McLeod Esq


9.30am start


CLASS 1-PAIRS   fences approx. 70cm                         

1st to 3rd prizes in kind. Rosettes to 6th place           

                                                              Entry £35 per pair   

10.15am Approx Start

CLASS 2 - RESTRICTED NOVICE   fences approx 70 cm 

Open to Combination of horse & rider not to have been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any Hunter Trial (70cm and above exc Pairs). 

1st to 3rd prizes in kind. Rosettes to 6th place 

                                                             Entry £20        

11.30am Approx Start

CLASS 3 – PAIRS   fences approx.  80 cm

1st to 3rd prizes in kind. Rosettes to 6th place                           

                                                             Entry £35 per pair 


12noon Approx Start

CLASS 4 – OPEN   fences approx. 80cm 

Rosettes to 6th place 1st £20                   Entry £20                  

Not Before 1pm

CLASS 5 – PAIRS fences approx.  90cm    

Rosettes to 6th place 1st £30                   Entry £35 per pair  


1.30pm Approx Start

CLASS 6 – OPEN   fences approx. 90 cm  

Rosettes to 6th place  1st £20                  Entry £20


Open to all.


There will be a timed element in all classes.


Numbers of entries in each class may be restricted.


Paramedics, photographer and catering will be on site.




NO NEW ENTRIES ON THE DAY - to comply with Covid-19 Restrictions  (see condition 2)


All competitors need to bring a Number Bib and

Print their own numbers before the day.   

1 number to be worn per pair.

Template provided below.


Class Start times
1) 9.30am
2)10.15am approx
3) 11.30am approx
4)12 noon approx
5) Not before 1pm
Please see note below about starting order 


Competitor Notes


There is no published starting order, please put your number on the board at the Collecting Ring. 


Riders with more than 1 horse in a class will need to go early in the class, to allow enough time for multiple rides.  


You will need to bring your own number bib and printed number (see list below)


Additional entries will be allowed on the day from competitors who have already entered another class.  Therefore already have a number.

Additional Entry Fee. 

Single classes £25   Pairs Classes £40 

Please Bring Cash


This means if you have a good time going round you can go again!



Entries received by 4pm 9.10.21
This document shows all entries received by the date. This includes your number and classes you have entered
WH HT 2021 - All Entries.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [61.8 KB]
WH HT 2021 - Class 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [55.7 KB]
WH HT 2021 Class 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.8 KB]
WH HT 2021 Class 3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [50.0 KB]
WH HT 2021 class 4.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.9 KB]
WH HT 2021 Class 5.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [49.6 KB]
WH HT 2021 Class 6.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [54.7 KB]


1. The course will be open for inspection on Saturday 9th October from 2pm-6pm

2. NO NEW LATE ENTRIES ON THE DAY to Comply with Covid-19 Restrictions.   

Additional Entries Will be allowed on the day (if Covid rules allow), but you must make an entry before the day, so we have your details and you have a number to print. 

3. The Judge’s decision is final. 

4. The committee reserve the right to cancel or divide any class, to alter advertised times and to refuse any entry without reason. 

5. Horses/ponies may only be ridden once in each class. 

6. Three refusals at one fence eliminates. (You may be asked to leave the course if you are holding up other competitors or if the ground is “cutting up”.

7. Hard hats MUST be worn at all times when mounted. Back protectors and medical arm bands are strongly advised. Please ride safely. 

8. Competitors must jump singly (except the pair’s class) and must give way to the faster horse. 

9. Provisional results will be posted on website. Any objections need to be lodged by 9pm on the 11th Oct.  Prize Giving maybe on the day if Covid Rules allow

10. Prize money, rosettes and results will be sent, once results have been confirmed.   Prize Giving maybe on the day if Covid Rules allow.

11. No entry fee will be refunded without a Vet or Doctor’s certificate. 

12. Wilton Hunt Club Cups are held for one year and must be returned clean and in good condition.

13. You Must provide your own Number Bib and Print your number before the day.

14. Refund Policy

  • Withdrawals before closing date will be refunded minus Equo booking fee and admin fee (see below)
  • Any Withdrawals or no shows after close of entry will only be refunded on production of Vet or Doctors certificate within 7 days of the competition. 

A £3 admin fee (per payment) will be levied on any refund. 

Wilton Hunt Hunter Trials - Schedule & Rules 2021
WILTON HUNT CLUB - Hunter Trials Rules.d[...]
Microsoft Word document [18.1 KB]

Enter online ONLY via Equo


Click here to go to Equo

Entries open now

Entries Close Sat 9th October   4pm

Additional entries only on the day to competitors who have already entered a class and have a number

Photos will be available soon 



Photo Website

Number Template document.docx
Microsoft Word document [14.5 KB]

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