January Jumblebee Sale

Lockdowns over 2020 have encouraged us all to have a sort out. 


But if you like me, now have a pile of "sellable items!" that you have not got around to selling.


Why not gift your items to the Wilton Hunt to sell or let us sell on your behalf.

Suggested Items to Gift or Sell


Good quality Used and New;

Tack,  Rugs,  Riding Equipment,  Countrywear,  Books,  Pictures


In fact anything you think your countryside loving friends would like to purchase locally.


Items can be worth anything between £5-£500  No donation too small. 

If we can un-clutter your life, let The Wilton Hunt help


Donor Options


1. To donate 100% to the Hunt


2. To donate 50% to the Hunt 


Items that sell for £25 plus (reserve should be set at minimum £25). The profit will be spilt 50/50 (less selling fees of 7.5% of final price)


3. To donate 20% to the Hunt to a Maximum of £50 (ideal for larger items eg Saddles)


Items that sell for £100 plus (reserve should be set at minimum £100)   

The profit will be spilt 80/20 (less selling fees of 7.5% of final price)  With a Max £50 to hunt.


4. I donate the item to the Sale but require £x from the sale, all other funds I donate to the hunt.


We will set the Reserve, so that the seling price covers the amount you would like from the sale, (plus selling fees)   State in comments how much you require from the sale.



Collection of items


To be organised by the purchaser, (contact details will be sent once payment has been received)  when appropriate after Lockdown


Use the Form at the bottom of this page of this page,

or click the link above photo 

to donate your item to the sale.


Don't forget to email photo/s


Then checkout the Sale Website

Wilton Hunt January Jumblebee Sale


Sale Starts Friday 15th January 6pm 


Ends Sunday 31st Janaury 9pm


Don't miss out on a Bargain


N.B. Items can be donated up to 30th January 


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