Virtual Dog Show




Class 1 – Most Adorable Puppy

1st           Teddy (Miss V Matthews)

2nd          Frieda (McWhirter)

3rd           Darcey (Pardoe)

4th           Daisy (Jowett)

5th           Tilly (Clotworthy)

6th           Cosmo (Aldred)


Class 2 – Prettiest Bitch

1st           Lottie (Shearing)

2nd          Lulu (Newman)

3rd           Elfie (Welsh)

4th           Lettuce (Walker)

5th           Tipsy (Clotworthy)

6th           Poppy (Royle)


Class 3 – Handsome Dog

1st           Winston (Mullens)

2nd          Artie (Bird)

3rd           Busby (Clotworthy)

4th           Toto (Lynch)

5th           Bertie (Matthews)

6th           Bobby (Aldred)


Class 4 – Golden Oldie

1st           Hattie (Pardoe)

2nd          Pupa (Shearing)

3rd           Willow (Aldred)

4th           Treacle (Mackenzie)

5th           Mabel (Matthews)

6th           Tigger (Clotworthy)


Class 5 – Fancy Dress

1st           Daisy (Jowett)

2nd          Bess (Forge)

3rd           Tarka (Pardoe)


Class 6 – Most like owner

1st           Gwen (Walker)

2nd          Treacle (Dunlop)


Class 7 – Funniest Pose

1st           Tigger (Clotworthy)

2nd          Bobby & Willow (Aldred)

3rd           Bertie (Matthews)

4th           Bess (Forge)

5th           Teasel & Teal (Dunlop)

6th           Olive & Truffle (James)


And winner of Dog the Judge would most like to take home is Teddy (Miss V Matthews). A bottle of port is on its way!






CLASS 1. Most Adorable Puppy under 12 months


CLASS 2. Prettiest Bitch


CLASS 3. Most Handsome Dog


CLASS 4. Golden Oldie 10 years and over


CLASS 5. Fancy Dress (dog or dog and owner!)


CLASS 6. Dog Most Like Owner


CLASS 7. Funniest Pose


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