The hunt was founded in 1869 so has a long tradition to follow. It is now, however, a forward thinking association providing an enjoyable equestrian activity and leisure entertainment.


We have members of all ages and particularly welcome children and younger people to the Hunt. We have close ties with the Wilton Hunt branch of the Pony Club. We do ask that anyone under aged of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


The social activity of the Wilton is second to none (and the envy of neighbouring hunts) thanks to an enthusiastic Hunt Club which organises social events such as balls, parties, quiz nights, fun rides, revues, promises auctions and the End of Season Supper. There are also annual hunter trials, point to points and terrier & dog shows to keep members entertained throughout the year.

A dedicated band of foot followers are a great asset to the Wilton. We regularly see a large number out in 4x4's, cars, bicycles and on foot.


The Kennels provides a very valuable flesh service to local farmers disposing of fallen stock.


Our Kennel staff also offer a sensitive and compassionate equine euthanasia service. 

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