Inter Hunt Relays

Bath & West Festival August 2021


Saturday Inter Hunt Relay Winners


Saska & Frodo

Wendy & Sid

Tallulah & Biscuit

2019 Highlights

Wilton Senior Team.  Winners at Bath & West, 3rd at Barbury, 4th Wellington, 5th at Windsor


Inter Hunt Relays are a great way to give Hunts a  possitive image, during the summer months.


There are many competitions, run at Summer Show, and more recently BE Horse Trials.


The compeition is easily understood by the crowd watching.  2 Teams of 3 or 4 riders, race against each another over a mirror image course.  All competitors have to carry a hunting crop, and hand it over to the next team mate, in between rounds.  Faults from knocking down jumps are added to the time.  So it is not always the fastest team that win.   

A Team of horses who jump fast and clear, with slick handovers, usually win the day.

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